What’s important to soft toric contact lens wearers?

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Every person and every eye is different – particularly for astigmatic contact lens wearers. Many wearers get asked the same basic questions, but what about finding out what really matters to you? What is it you want from a contact lens?

We want to celebrate differences of individuals and make sure that each person gets a lens that works for them, and for their lifestyle.

Here at Bausch + Lomb, we pride ourselves on developing products to meet individuals’ needs. So we welcome feedback to make sure we’re getting it right.

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Tell us about your experience:

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Clear and stable vision from morning to night

Biotrue® ONEday lenses provide consistently crisp, clear vision throughout the day. 1,2

Additionally, due to their specialised optical design, halos and glares are reduced when you’re driving at night or looking at a screen for long periods. 1,2

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Design inspired by the biology of your eyes

Biotrue® ONEday lenses are made up of 78% water. 3 The lens material provides a dehydration barrier making sure that 98% of this moisture is maintained for up to 16 hours. 3

This means your lenses don’t dry out or change shape during the day due to water loss, and they remain comfortable for you to wear. 1

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Developed to keep your eyes healthy

Biotrue® ONEday lenses allow the right level of oxygen 4 to reach your eyes so they stay healthy and white, whilst UVA and UVB filters in the lens help protect your eyes from sun damage. 5,6

Our drive to perfect our lenses is led by you.

Contact lens wearers have said they experience symptoms of dryness and discomfort, so we created Biotrue® ONEday lenses containing 78% water. 3,7

Other contact lens wearers tell us they get blurred vision during daily use. 1

Biotrue® ONEday lenses for astigmatism use a feature called prism-free peri-ballast design, which works with natural blink patterns to keep the lens in a stable position. 2

Keeping your lenses stable means your visual clarity stays optimal throughout the entire day. 2,10

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And it’s over 45 years since we created the world’s first soft contact lens.


1971 Bausch + Lomb historical editorial

Here at Bausch + Lomb, we continue to develop innovative products that meet a huge range of eyecare needs from contact lenses to optical surgery.

Biotrue® ONEday lenses for astigmatism are designed by a world-class team of scientists and engineers to meet the needs of modern life, helping to provide astigmatic contact lens wearers with clear vision and comfort - from the start of their working day into their evening. 2

Find a stockist near you for a free five-day trial of Biotrue® ONEday lenses.