Extend your day with Biotrue® ONEday lenses

Whether at work or play, people live very demanding lives… Biotrue® ONEday offers naturally long lasting comfort and vision that keeps up with the demands of modern living.

We work on average 42 hours a week in the UK*6
Typically our blink rate drops from 15 times per minute to 5 times per minute*7
Most of our hours are dominated by a digital screen of one sort or another*8

Biotrue® ONEday lenses retain their shape, stay wet making them truly comfortable from the start to the end of your day, no matter what…

Biotrue® ONEday has a unique dehydration barrier that keeps the lens moist for up to 16 hours.*1
Let your eyes breathe. Biotrue® ONEday lenses ensure your eyes receive all the oxygen they need to keep them healthy and white.
You’ll enjoy stable vision throughout the day because Biotrue® ONEday help reduce halos and glare.
Helps block UV rays when used with your sunglasses.*3
Clean and easily disposable lens. Throw away each night. No need to soak or store.
Staying comfortable and keeping vision unimpaired.
Retain their shape all day.
Easy to apply and handle.

Biotrue® ONEday stays in shape, stays wet, stays comfortable – Try Biotrue® today


So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing lenses

But that’s not all. Biotrue® ONEday are easy to insert and are simply thrown away at the end of the day. You’re left free to get the most out of your busy life.

Inspired by the biology of the eye

Ⓒ 2015 Bausch & Lomb
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